What if Trump wins?


What if Trump wins? Well first off let me say that I would be exceptionally happy. We need to get an American in the white house, which he is. But if he wins, we are nowhere near where we need to be. All of the facts that have been detailed in the doom and gloom books and blogs that have been written over the past ten years (The Mark Steyn books are a good example) have not changed.

America has 325 million people, only about 64% of that is white, that is down from about 90% in the 1950s. What this means is that there are about 120 million non-whites in America. It is impossible to assimilate those kinds of numbers. Now, many of those are blacks and others who have been here for many years, even generations, but a great many million are foreign born (about 40 million), or first generation.

Also, the general culture and traditions in America, which have been sliding into degeneracy for years, will also not be corrected by Trump taking the white house. There is moral corruption at almost every level of our society. I am not trying to rain on the Trump parade, but what I am trying to say is that electing Trump is not the end, but it is only the very beginning. It has taken a great many years to get ourselves into this mess, and it will take a great many more to get ourselves out of it.

We need to start thinking now about what we need to accomplish in order to turn this ship around. If Trump wins, we need to make it very clear to him that we expect mass deportations, or policies/enforcement of existing policies which will result in a mass exodus. We need to make it clear that Islam is not acceptable in this country, we need to shut down all Mosques, and deport Muslims. We need to make sure that the loss of our jobs to foreigners will no longer be tolerated. I could continue to go on and on with the Alt-Right wish list, but will any of it happen?

What if Trump wins? Will any of these things happen? If Trump wins it will be a great thing, but we must not stop working, we have a long way to go, and we cannot do it individually. If Trump wins, we will have a somewhat receptive ear to our demands, but we must make sure that we fill that ear, and we continue to push our country back from the brink.


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