Halloween, holidays, rituals, traditions, are all good things, but they are not good unto themselves. Holidays only have true significance, if behind them there is something deeper, something truly meaningful. Celebrating your birthday with a cake and presents is a good thing, but if those things do not cause you to contemplate the deeper meanings of life, and what it really means to have lived another year, then the celebration is just some consumable product, it has become like tissue paper, which may serve an immediate bodily need, but is immediately discarded with no lasting significance. If during the birthday celebration you do not think on life, and how precious it is, and what a gift it has been to live, to breath, and how wonderful it is to have food and friends, and you do not contemplate on those who lived but a brief moment, and on how you may not see your next birthday, and how precious life truly is, and most importantly, if you do not give thanks to Him who is the giver and taker of life, then the celebration, and the day, is meaningless.

Halloween seems to have lost its significance. It seems to me that we have forgotten why this day was set apart, why we do the things we do.  I am not going to go into the history of Halloween, or the meanings of all the rituals, in my opinion, the specifics are not important (although I think they are good), but I am going to go into the meaning behind the things. Halloween is a day to remember our ancestors. It is a day to acknowledge that we didn’t just spring out of the mud, it is a day to remember, and give thanks for, those who came before us. It is rather simple, but it is very important. We have ancestors. There are a great many people who lived before us, without whom we would have never been born. This is significant to ponder upon, it is something that should not be forgotten.

I have discovered a couple of rituals that we used to do during Halloween that we no longer do, and think we should start doing them again. One is leaving the head of the table empty for Halloween dinner. I don’t think it has to be on Halloween night, as it would probably interfere with trick or treating,  it can be the day before or the day after. I sit at the head of my table every night, I think it would be good for me, humbling for me, to one night a year, leave that place of honor empty to remind me of my father, and my father’s father, and my father’s fathers father. The other ritual is the book of Halloween. It is a book that has a short biography of your ancestors. I think it would be a good idea to take this book out around Halloween and read it, and share it with your children.

Happy Halloween.


Great Literature of our People. 6



Barb-wire Bill by Robert W. Service

At dawn of day the white land lay
All gruesome-like and grim,
When Bill Mc’Gee he says to me:
“We’ve got to do it, Jim.

We’ve got to make Fort Liard quick.
I know the river’s bad,
But, oh! the little woman’s sick . . .
Why! don’t you savvy, lad?”

And me! Well, yes, I must confess
It wasn’t hard to see
Their little family group of two
Would soon be one of three.

And so I answered, careless-like:
“Why, Bill! you don’t suppose
I’m scared of that there ‘babbling brook’?
Whatever you say—goes.”

A real live man was Barb-wire Bill,
With insides copperlined;
For “barb-wire” was the brand of “hooch”
To which he most inclined.

They knew him far; his igloos are
On Kittiegazuit strand.
They knew him well, the tribes who dwell
Within the Barren land.

From Koyokuk to Kuskoquim
His fame was everywhere;
And he did love, all life above,
That little Julie Claire,

The lithe, white slave-girl he had bought
For seven hundred skins,
And taken to his wickiup
To make his moccasins.

We crawled down to the river bank
And feeble folk were we,
That Julie Claire from God-knows-where,
And Barb-wire Bill and me.

From shore to shore we heard the roar
The heaving ice-floes make,
And loud we laughed, and launched our raft,
And followed in their wake.

The river swept and seethed and leapt,
And caught us in its stride;
And on we hurled amid a world
That crashed on every side.

With sullen din the banks caved in;
The shore-ice lanced the stream;
The naked floes like spooks arose,
All jiggling and agleam.

Black anchor-ice of strange device
Shot upward from its bed,
As night and day we cleft our way,
And arrow-like we sped.

But “Faster still!” cried Barb-wire Bill,
And looked the live-long day
In dull despair at Julie Claire,
As white like death she lay.

And sometimes he would seem to pray
And sometimes seem to curse,
And bent above, with eyes of love,
Yet ever she grew worse.

And as we plunged and leapt and lunged,
Her face was plucked with pain,
And I could feel his nerves of steel
A-quiver at the strain.

And in the night he gripped me tight
As I lay fast asleep:
“The river’s kicking like a steer . . .
Run out the forward sweep!

That’s Hell-gate Canyon right ahead;
I know of old its roar,
And . . . I’ll be damned! the ice is jammed!
We’ve got to make the shore.”

With one wild leap I gripped the sweep.
The night was black as sin.
The float-ice crashed and ripped and smashed,
And stunned us with its din.

And near and near, and clear and clear
I heard the canyon boom;
And swift and strong we swept along
To meet our awful doom.

And as with dread I glimpsed ahead
The death that waited there,
My only thought was of the girl,
The little Julie Claire;

And so, like demon mad with fear,
I panted at the oar,
And foot by foot, and inch by inch,
We worked the raft ashore.

The bank was staked with grinding ice,
And as we scraped and crashed,
I only knew one thing to do,
And through my mind it flashed:

Yet while I groped to find the rope,
I heard Bill’s savage cry:
“That’s my job, lad! It’s me that jumps.
I’ll snub this raft or die!”

I saw him leap, I saw him creep,
I saw him gain the land;
I saw him crawl, I saw him fall,
Then run with rope in hand.

And then the darkness gulped him up,
And down we dashed once more,
And nearer, nearer drew the jam,
And thunder-like its roar.

Oh God! all’s lost . . . from Julie Claire
There came a wail of pain,
And then—the rope grew sudden taut,
And quivered at the strain;

It slacked and slipped, it whined and gripped,
And oh, I held my breath!
And there we hung and there we swung
Right in the jaws of death.

A little strand of hempen rope,
And how I watched it there,
With all around a hell of sound,
And darkness and despair;

A little strand of hempen rope,
I watched it all alone,
And somewhere in the dark behind
I heard a woman moan;

And somewhere in the dark ahead
I heard a man cry out,
Then silence, silence, silence fell,
And mocked my hollow shout.

And yet once more from out the shore
I heard that cry of pain,
A moan of mortal agony,
Then all was still again.

That night was hell with all the frills,
And when the dawn broke dim,
I saw a lean and level land,
But never sign of him.

I saw a flat and frozen shore
Of hideous device,
I saw a long-drawn strand of rope
That vanished through the ice.

And on that treeless, rockless shore
I found my partner—dead.
No place was there to snub the raft,
So—he had served instead;

And with the rope lashed round his waist,
In last defiant fight,
He’d thrown himself beneath the ice,
That closed and gripped him tight;

And there he’d held us back from death,
As fast in death he lay. . . .
Say, boys! I’m not the pious brand,
But—I just tried to pray.

And then I looked to Julie Claire,
And sore abashed was I,
For from the robes that covered her,
I—heard—a—baby—cry. . . .

Thus was Love conqueror of death,
And life for life was given;
And though no saint on earth, d’ye think—
Bill’s squared hisself with Heaven?

Christians and Taxes



Speaking of the United States government; Christians paying taxes is right; Christians paying as little taxes as possible within the law is acceptable; Christians paying more than the minimum in taxes is wrong; Christians calling for increased taxes is terribly wrong.

During the life of Jesus, the secular political organization that ruled Israel was the Roman empire. Today the secular political organization that rules over us is the United States government. There are many differences between the two, but ultimately they are both anti-Christian political organizations. Jesus did say that we should pay taxes, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” (Mark 12:17), but Jesus never said that we should in any way try to increase or enlarge the amount of money that an anti-Christian political organization has. (Do not be deceived, even an anti-Christian organization can do good things, just as an evil man is capable of good works, this is not reason enough to support them monetarily.) Jesus made it clear that our money should go to enlarging his Kingdom (Matthew 6:19-21), which is not the United States government.

It is very clear from scripture that taxes were universally disdained, and that those who collected the taxes were also shunned. It is also clear that Jesus considered tax collectors bad (Mark 2:15-17, Matthew 18:17), they were considered in the same category as sinners. He specifically said they should change their ways. In fact, one of his disciples was an ex tax collector. It is unreasonable to think that as Christians we would want to empower the very people, and the organizations they gather money for, that Jesus considered bad.

All Christians should have the position that lower taxes are better than higher taxes. Do not be deceived, the money that you pay to the United States government via taxes does not do more good than that same money given to your church, or to a Christian organization. If at any time you feel like you are not giving enough of your money, then I would suggest you give more to the church you are attending.

One final thought. If you see others that have much in terms of money and property, do not forget the tenth commandment “Thou shalt not covet”. It is not your place to say how much or how little others are to give, and it is certainly wicked to want an anti-Christian political organization to forcefully remove others money and property from them. If you wish such a thing, you are no better than the man who asks a robber to steal on his behalf.




And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

The truth about lies is that they are just that, lies.  They are not as the world truly is, they are not.  They are void, they are empty, they are the abyss, the chasm, the darkness.  They are the antithesis to reality, to heaven, to earth, to all that is true, to all that is real.  They are from the Devil, from the dark places, from Hell.  They are not the opposite of the truth, they are not the truth distorted, they are not the truth stretched and twisted, they are the terrible blackness where all light, all the world, all the thoughts, the men, are forever engulfed and destroyed.  They are not existence, they are the worst of all things, they are nothing, eternal nothingness.

Do not be deceived; do not think that I overstate the thing.  Lies are more deadly than you can imagine.  Their darkness is the darkness one experiences when deep down in a cave or mine.  A darkness that is all engulfing, that is first surprising, then amazing, then unnerving, then frightening, then terrifying, then nothing.  A darkness that does not allow any sense of direction, any sense of reality, any sense at all.  A darkness in which our mind begins to float around helplessly, no longer knowing what is up or down, what is day or night, what is hot or cold, what is right or wrong, no longer knowing that these things exist at all.  A darkness that does not allow life, but allows only confusion and desperation, but to the one who is fully engulfed, allows nothing.

I will give you a simple example: children who are told that Santa Clause is a real man. It may seem innocent enough, and we all know that eventually they will know the truth, but what if they never did? Children who believe in Santa not only believe something that we all know is not true, it is much more profound than that.  They live in a world where the possibility of believing in Santa or not, does not even exist.  It is important to understand the distinction.  They live in a box that is within another larger box, but they have absolutely no idea that there is anything outside of their box.  They are trapped in a trap that they do not recognize, a trap for their mind, and because they know of no other position, to them the trap is their world.  They believe they are looking through a window at the world, when in reality they are looking through a peephole at a picture that blocks their view of the real world.   Perhaps this is a poor example, I would refer to Plato and his Cave for a better one, or the Wachowski brothers and their Matrix for a more contemporary one, or Mickey mouse for a visual one (see picture above).

Now before I go any further let me make it clear that I am not trying to discuss whether or not lies are wrong or bad, I can simply say that they are bad and be done with it.  Nor am I trying to say that there are not varying degrees of lies, in fact I acknowledge there are, or that some lies are worse than others.  What I am trying to say is that lies have very grave effects on our ability to see and interact with the world as it truly is, and furthermore the terrible consequences of our actions, even if our intentions are noble, that are suffered when we believe them.

Let’s pretend we lived in a world where everyone really did believe in Santa Clause. What happened is that a mom and dad told their kids about Santa and then they died, so they weren’t able to tell them otherwise. Now lets say those kids had kids of their own and passed on the story believing it to be true (which is interesting in and of itself because at that point they are lying, but they are not aware that they are lying). So now let’s say the people start making decisions based on a true belief in Santa, baking cookies, waiting for presents that never come, etc.. Now this is just a thought experiment but you can see that those people live in a world where Santa is real to them, and they will make decisions based on that false belief, and they will call a liar anyone who says there isn’t a Santa.

Oftentimes when discussing reality, when discussing truth, we get sidetracked in semantics.  We start discussing the meaning of words instead of the reality that those words signify.  We must also understand the difference between objective and subjective words.

When having a discussion about how far away a hill is from where we are standing, we must both agree on what distance means, and we must both agree on what unit of measure we are to use and how that unit is defined objectively.  Then we can come up with an agreed upon distance, like 5 miles and 500ft, the truth.  If we do not agree on the words and use words that are subjective, we will get into an argument that is based on our own personal perception of distance, which we will probably not only not agree upon, but will change for each one of us depending on how we are feeling that moment.  Old woman,“That hill is far away.”  Man before large dinner, “That hill is close by.”  Man after large dinner, “That hill is far away.”

Now some words, like mile, are objectively defined, but others are subjectively defined.  When having a discussion about cold weather we must all agree on what the word cold means, but the problem is, sometimes we don’t.  I was raised in a desert, cold to me is 50 degrees, but to a man from the tundra, what I see as cold he may see as comfortable, maybe even warm.  I’m sure you can see this ice-man and myself would forever be arguing not about the weather but about what we meant by cold, therefore never making any progress about the actual weather.  We could only discuss, and come to an agreement about, the weather in terms that we both agreed upon, and we could only discover the truth, if the terms we agreed upon were accurate measurements of the fact at hand (you can’t measure temperature in terms of inches).

Semantics is like the rules of a baseball game.  Unless everyone is playing by the same rules the game cannot be played.  If everyone is playing by different rules the game will be chaos and nobody will win, in fact we won’t even be able to determine what winning is.

Now I am not talking about truth and lies to simply lecture,  or have some philosophical debate.  I am concerned with truth because there are severe consequences in our lives for ignoring it.  One can ignore the warning signs of old age, one can say, “I feel fine, I will live forever, I don’t need kids” but that will not prevent one from dying.  The foolish man with a house of straw will say, “My house is a fine strong house,” but that will not prevent the wind from blowing it down.

Let me say something about egalitarianism, as this will help clarify what I am saying about lies, and it will further explain what I am getting at.  Egalitarianism is a belief that all people are equal.  The word equal can be objectively defined as identical.  So right away we have a semantics issue. If we define equal as identical, the very definition of egalitarianism is false (as nobody believes that everyone has the same fingerprints, or the same number of cells in their body). Very few things in this world are identical and people are certainly not one of them.  Now most egalitarians, those who have not completely abandoned reality, would say that people are not literally identical (not literally equal), but they are equal in the areas that really matter.  Well now we have left the realm of objectivity and entered the realm of subjectivity. We must address what we mean when we say the words “really matter.”  Do you remember the issue with cold?  What really matters?  It is obvious, hopefully the egalitarians would agree, that peoples hair color is not equal, ahh but that really doesn’t matter.  It is also obvious, now we will start to see the divide, that some people are physically stronger than others, does that matter?  You see where we are going. This is where lies get us, to confusion, to anger, to frustration, to nowhere.

One final point. Some would say that it’s okay to lie sometimes, white lies don’t hurt anybody. They are wrong. Every lie, every single lie hurts. Now sometimes you have a choice between two hurts, (you can tell your woman she looks fat in those pants, or you can let her look fat without telling her, either you hurt, or she hurts) so be it, but never ever assume that a lie doesn’t hurt, and never assume that there aren’t consequences to lies, because there always is.


If Hillary Wins


If Hillary wins, I think we need to take a long hard look at what we want our futures to look like, and what we are willing to do to ensure we live those futures. We will not be able to say that all we have to do is wait till the next election. If Hillary wins we will never win another election again. The anti-white anti-Christian narrative will accelerate. The amount of freedoms that we enjoy will continue to be eroded. Our very way of life, our traditions, our symbols, our communities, our lives will continue to change for the worse. Many of us have already seen the country we love turn into a shadow of what it once was. It would be easy to list specifically the changes (gun control, supreme court, refugees, illegals, free speech) that will occur, but I think what we will need to do is really take a long hard look at the big picture. If Hillary wins we will be men without a country.

If Hillary wins, it’s not like the country will explode, or that we will all be dragged out into the streets and shot. If Hillary wins we will simply see the trends that we have been witnessing continue, or accelerate. I don’t think it will be wise at that point to say, as many have been saying for years now, “We will wait for the collapse, and then we will act.” If Hillary wins, that is the collapse. America wasn’t built overnight, and it won’t end overnight, but America is sinking. If she wins we all must come to the realization that the boat is not going to recover, we will not be able to plug the holes and upright it.

If Hillary wins we will have to make tough decisions. We can do what we have been doing, we can continue to move, to hide, to try to eke out a living, moving from town to town to try to get our kids into the “good” schools (and those are the ones lucky enough to afford kids). We can continue to watch our communities shrink, continue to be strangers to our neighbors, continue to see crime increase and our standard of living decrease. We can continue to work harder and longer (that’s if we have a job at all) for less and less pay. If Hillary wins we can all just throw our hands up in the air and say, “oh well, it could be worse”, or we can decide to act. At this point it is not important that we have a 75 point plan of what we are going to do, and to have every step planned out. What is important is that if Hillary wins, you make a decision that you aren’t just going to lay over and take it, that you aren’t going to yield one more inch of your fathers land to foreigners and traitors. If Hillary wins, the Knights will be waiting for men who say, “No more”.    www.knightsofthewest.com