Black Friday


I do not participate in Black Friday. I believe that no Christian should. It is a day of greed, a day of materialism, a day of avarice. It in no way signifies anything good or holy. It distracts us and takes away from the good holiday of Thanksgiving which comes the day before. It is specifically designed to cause us to take our eyes off of eternal things and onto material things. I am not saying that Christians should not be a part of this society, or that everything that our society does is bad, I am saying that Black Friday specifically is bad.

“Well I need a new TV anyway, so why not get it on Black Friday?” In Thessalonians Paul teaches us to “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” I am not saying that a Christian should never go to a store, never purchase material things, or should not take advantage of sales. What I am saying is that Black Friday is specifically a day of avarice, and Christians should not participate, even if, and perhaps especially if, they benefit from doing so. I am not saying that Christians can’t go to Disneyland, or can’t go to the movies. I am not saying that we should do as the Amish do and isolate ourselves, not partaking in anything that could be seen as worldly. What I am saying is that there is a great many things in our everyday lives that distract us from the eternal, we do not need to be participating in special days to do so.

Black Friday is also a perfect opportunity for us to make a clear distinction between ourselves and the materialism of the modern world. It is not TVs that give us Joy, but living in accord with the will of God. Many people in our society are empty, they crave for contentment, they are lonely, we can use this day to teach them that having more junk will not fill that void. Usually on Black Friday I stay at home and play with the kids, we have leftover turkey sandwiches, we watch a good movie. I make sure that if anybody brings Black Friday up I say that I don’t participate, this often allows me to discuss more meaningful things, therefore getting somebodies mind away from TVs to deeper more eternal concepts.



2 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Except that the nearest one is hundreds of miles away, I’d “participate” by finding a Macy’s or other anti-Trump business and driving away the customers.

    This battle is not over.


  2. Instead of participating in that mass orgy of materialism known as “Black Friday”, a group from our church has a “Light Friday” (as in “spreading the light”). As the bargain worshippers stream into the parking lot of a mall, they are greeted with people holding scripture signs, “Trust Jesus”, and “Jesus Saves” signs.


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