Muh Constitution


A country is not a land mass, it is a people mass. A country’s character, customs, laws, architecture, crime rate are all based on the people, not the other way around. This confusion causes some to falsely believe that it is our constitution that makes America great, but they are terribly mistaken. My first question to them would be, what made the guys who wrote it great? Our forefathers who wrote the constitution were not living under it, were not living under “freedom”, they were living under what we now consider to be tyranny, they were living under a King, so how is it that they were able to write such a document?

Assuming that the constitution is what makes America great is very dangerous, it may cause you to make really stupid decisions (1965 immigration act). Did you know that the constitution of Liberia is modeled on the United States Constitution? They have a very similar form of government to us, and have since 1847.  Actually, many of the countries in Africa are democracies with constitutions. So why is it that they have the same constitution, but drastically different living conditions?

I have another question for these people. What does it mean to be French? What does it mean to be Nigerian? What does it mean to be Chinese? Is Chinese a word we use when we are talking about any human being who is currently living in China? If a Mexican man moves to China, becomes a citizen, and lives there for 20 years, is he then Chinese? If a Chinese couple move to Nigeria and have their child there, is that child Chinese or Nigerian? What would Australia be if we moved all Australians out, and moved all Russians in? Could we still call it Australia? Imagine a Cherokee reservation, now imagine moving all the Cherokees out, and moving all Japanese people in, would we still call it Cherokee land?

If all people in America were to be replaced with all the people in Africa, but all our buildings, all of our roads, all of our laws, even our precious constitution were to remain the same, what do you think America would look like? It is the people that make a country, not the land, not the constitution. As America brought in more and more European immigrants in the early 1900s, America more and more looked like Europe (we even built whole theme parks trying to mimic Europe, e.g. Disneyland). As parts of America bring in more and more Mexican, or Arab immigrants, it is going to look more and more like Mexico and Arabia. Some piece of paper is not going to change those peoples genetics, it isn’t going to change their culture, their religion. What is going to happen is someday those people are going to change the constitution.

European peoples made America great, not a piece of paper. Get rid of European peoples, and you get rid of America. Get rid of European peoples, and no amount of “muh constitution” will help you.


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