The Parable of the Spring


There was once a beautiful and peaceful country, full of happy and healthy people. The source of their joy was a great spring. It gushed forth from the earth, giving clean and clear water to drink, and to water their crops. One day a wandering merchant came to their country. He was a nomad, traveling here and there. The merchant brought with him a sickness from foreign lands that the people had never known. This sickness spread across their fair country, the suffering and death was almost more than they could bear. As the people began to search for the cause of this sickness, the merchant convinced them that the source of their great suffering, was their spring. In truth, the spring was as clear and clean as it had ever been. The people believing the spring to be the cause of their demise, built a great wall around it, and made laws against drinking from it. They taught their children that it was wicked, and as time passed, all who had known the spring to be good, and drinking from it wise, passed away. In so separating themselves from the life giving water, the people of the country perished.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.


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